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Dspace provides 3D visualization capability that can interface with closed-loop simulations to provide real-time graphical displays of the internal simulation state to assist in the real-time evaluation and monitoring of these simulations.

Real-time, closed-loop spacecraft simulations involve complex, high-fidelity models of physical phenomena with large number of time-varying state variables and closed-loop events. The run-time evaluation and monitoring of these simulations is nontrivial for even experienced analysists due to the number and complexity of the model interactions.

Dspace provides real-time visual display of the spacecraft state and events during simulation. Dspace is built upon the high performance open source OpenInventor graphics library. It provides the high performance necessary for closed-loop simulation.

Dspace has a general purpose API which allows its use in a variety of spacecraft domains including ROAMS surface planetary rover simulations, DSENDS entry/descent/landing simulations, cruise/orbiter simulations, formation-flying simulations etc. It provides a highly configurable interface which allows the simulation application to configure and set up the graphics models, and to efficiently control the state of the graphics models at run-time based on the simulation state. The same identical binaries (with no additional compilation) are used by all the different domain simulation users and no specific code customization is required. Dspace is portable across Unix platforms.